Calgary Bound

On Thursday, I'm giving the luncheon keynote address at PMAC’s Sixth Annual International Symposium on Supply Chain Management in Calgary. I know that Michael Lamoureux, will also be coming to the event. So look for dual-blogging coverage throughout the festivities. And do drop me a line if you'd like to synch up if you're attending. I'm planning to give a modified version of my current fall stump speech that examines a range of topics including the credit crisis and its impact on procurement. Given that the crowd is quite sophisticated (e.g., both academics and executives), I'm hoping that some challenge my more outlandish views that all too often go untested.

Personally, I'm hoping to learn more about where Canada stands relative to its Southern neighbor in dealing with the current impact of the overall economic downturn -- not to mention the impact of the credit markets. Unfortunately, I'm guessing that EIPP and supply chain finance adoption in Canada is as poor as it is here. Which is a shame given the potential of both areas to help companies better manage through -- and profit from -- the current supply risk storm. And that's something I'd even bet a hockey puck on.

- Jason Busch

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