In Today’s Environment, Green Must be About Cost Savings

I love the headline from a recent story that I came across on green IT: "Green IT still a priority: saving money -- not the planet -- is the reason ". This title echoes many of the same findings that we unearthed in a recent Spend Matters Perspective that analyzes the intersection of sustainability and cost savings across a range of categories. But if we take IT specifically, this focus on green-driven cost savings really does not appear to be anything new. According to a Gartner analyst quoted in the above-linked story, "The underlying motivating factor for green IT has always been saving money, whereas before they've dressed it up in environmental concerns. However, with our more troubled economic times firms can freely admit to their true colors." Does this statement hold true outside of IT? I'd argue there's more and more truth in it every day (although initially cost savings and green did not exactly go hand in hand).

- Jason Busch

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