Spend Management Loses Another Champion

It's been a difficult and tragic few weeks in the Spend Management world. I learned last week that my old friend and FreeMarkets colleague, Justin Falgione, died suddenly, leaving behind a young family. Justin was the model professional and family man -- he took care of himself, his company, his people and his family. I cried when I heard the news and still can’t believe that he is no longer with us. I’ve held off on posting this news because I wanted to make sure that there was more information available to share and that all of his family and friends were notified first. Over on Supply Excellence, Tim Minahan has done a commendable job summarizing some of Justin’s accomplishments and sharing his thoughts and ideas. Tim’s entry also has a link to his obituary and guest book in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Justin, your ideas, spirit and personal and professional sensibilities will live on in the thousands that you touched. Your work and passion in such publications and projects that you pioneered like Supply Watch will continue to shape how we think about this market. You leave behind a legacy that was tragically cut off, but that had a lifetime of wonderful accomplishments.

- Jason Busch

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