Ariba/Emptoris: Even Plaintiffs That Win Can Lose

In the continuing saga of my coverage surrounding the recent patent ruling, I thought I'd conclude my writings with a quick note from an Emptoris customer that I reached out to (Emptoris did not give me their information) about their feelings in the case. This senior procurement executive from a large-multi national that successfully utilizes both Ariba and Emptoris and who was very close to the details expressed how dissapointed she/he and her/his company were by Ariba's actions. I won't get into her/his specific involvement in the matters, but it cost the company money and time. And they were not happy about it. So if you're a vendor thinking about pursuing litigation, best to think through all the consequences. Would you want to potentially risk losing a number of multi-million dollar deals in the future based on the ill-will generated by your actions? It's worth thinking about. That's it from me on the subject. I'm done unless new developments come up.

- Jason Busch

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