Help Wanted — Supply Risk Expert (Practitioners Can and Should Apply)

I got a call this morning from a good friend in the sector that is on the management team of a rapidly growing vendor. He asked me if I knew any experts that might be willing to freelance or serve as a consultant to help contribute the specific requirements, features, capabilities, etc. to build out a supply risk procurement solution. Since all of the folks with deep knowledge in the space I know on the vendor side are currently doing this for their current employers, I suggested that I'd put it out to the Spend Matters community to see if anyone is interested. This provider is looking for someone with deep supply risk knowledge of what is needed from both broad- (e.g., financial risk, compliance risk, etc.) and industry-based perspectives.

Consultants, analysts, bloggers (including myself) need not apply unless they have material experience either running a supply risk function for a company and/or building a supply risk product for a vendor. The ideal person could either moonlight (if they have a day job) or work during the day as a consultant. I suspect this is probably a week or two worth of initial work and then ongoing consultations. Much if not all of it could be done remotely. Because of the confidential nature of this role on both sides (and because a supply risk practitioner who wants to moonlight would be ideal), I will confidentially forward on any resumes or bios that I receive to my contact. If you're interested, please send an email to jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. You will be dealing directly with one of the management team members of this vendor -- not HR or staffing.

- Jason Busch

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