Obama and Trade — A Contrasting View

Spend Matters readers already know my views on Obama and trade. I believe that saying Obama is good for trade is the same as saying that Reagan was good for the unions -- you simply can't reconcile his philosophical beliefs, statements and Senate voting record with the openness required to embrace a truly free trade platform. Remember, he was the candidate who not-so-long ago championed the notion of "fair-trade" which as we all know, is not free trade at all. But there are those who disagree with my view on Obama and trade. Take Josh Green, CEO of Panjiva, who writes his company's blog. In a recent entry, Josh opines that "President Obama will be good for trade … President Obama will be far more pro-trade than his campaign statements would suggest … [and 2] President Obama will be more effective than his predecessor at facilitating new trade agreements." While I could not disagree more based on the special interests that put him in office -- not to mention his Senate voting record -- I certainly hope that President Obama proves me wrong.

- Jason Busch

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