Taking Advantage of Q4 Firesales — Tips for Vendor Negotiation (A Free Webinar)

Jeffrey Gordon, the mack daddy of software negotiation and deal structuring, is hosting a webinar this Thursday @ 5:00PM ET on how to take advantage of “the firesales typically presented by vendors around this time of year.” Jeff notes on his blog that Q4 often presents a great opportunity for negotiating with software providers because its when quotas “are important and sales numbers appear to make or break careers.” If you're debating buying any software this quarter -- or helping IT get involved in negotiation or involved in services or outsourcing agreements with a technology angle -- I would strongly suggest attending. Jeff really is the godfather in this area. The mere thought of his name makes larger vendor sales and legal executives cringe. If this is not reason enough to listen in, I’m not sure what is. And let's not forget about the recession out there. Methinks the combination of the yearly timing and current economic conditions present a perfect opportunity to see how far vendors will go in negotiations. And who better to learn this from than one of the top playas in the software hustling biz.

- Jason Busch

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