What We Take for Granted

This has been a tough week for me. The one thing I take for granted -- my ability to write -- has nearly been taken away thanks to a wrist injury (due to of all things weight training and squash, not typing). I'm managing to cobble together posts and client deliverables, but when it's painful to type and you're in the "virtual goods" business, it impacts everything you do. Above all, my typing is not keeping up with how quickly my mind wants to translate thoughts to the keyboard (which in turn throws off my rhythm). I hope to have a solution to this problem by next week, so don't fear. The blog will remain (and worst case, there's always speech recognition software, for a near-term fix if needed).

Perhaps most important of all, the pain has taught me the importance of not taking what you've got for granted. In this economic climate, we all tend to retrench a bit -- in our dealings with customers, suppliers and even partners. We hold things -- or at least cash -- close to the chest. But behaviors like this can actually lead to unintended negative consequences. As a parallel, I tried to address my injury by first ignoring it and then pursuing alternative treatments before seeing a real sports medicine doctor. The result is that things got worse. So if you're working with a supplier you're concerned about, don't just hope for the best -- or play little games. Find out what is really going on and take action quickly and decisively. In this market, sometimes waiting even an extra week or two may prove to be a very costly mistake.

- Jason Busch

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