CombineNet Does Europe — Part Deux

Earlier today, many of you probably read my Friday rant about CombineNet. But there's more news to share as of 10:00 am this morning. Apparently, CombineNet is going though a major restructuring in Europe, hiring a Procuri-veteran to lead a new team from their London base of operation. What's my interpretation of these events? If you talk to CombineNet, the story is positive. It's a chance to retrench under new leadership, building upon the five regional European customers they've acquired to date and increasing their presence with a stronger team. But if you talk to competitors, it's evidence that CombineNet failed in its first chance to create a profitable, growing business throughout the European region and this announcement only confirms the failure. Even putting on the BS-detecting goggles, the truth is probably somewhere in between. In my view, the more important question to ask is whether CombineNet's challenges in Europe are more representative of how its solutions stack up against regional competitors who are not yet focused on penetrating the rest of the world or whether its first round European challenges were the result of a failure to execute. I'll leave the answer for this up to the market to decide.

- Jason Busch

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