Spend Management or Stupid — Tales From The Kitchen …

Earlier today, I grossed out my wife. She told me that she was headed to the store to buy new baking ingredients (she is making me a cake for my birthday during the long weekend). Even though we have everything at home, she said that she saw some little bugs in at least one of the core ingredients she needed for her recipe. I told her that up until the past 50 years, little bugs were a thing of life in cooking and baking. And one of the whole reasons for a flour sifter was to get rid of the little critters. Every weekend when I make waffles or pancakes, the sifter comes in handy that way, I said. Then she looked a bit green. So you tell me. Is this Spend Management in the home or just stupid? I see nothing wrong with sifting out a baking bug or two (not an infestation -- just a couple) and using the rest. Not that I'd throw away my marriage on the point, but in the spirit of saving money and the environment, why should anyone get so upset over such a minor thing?

- Jason Busch

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