Giving Thanks for Spend — and Giving Back

Even though our jobs are to reduce and improve it, we should all be thankful that "spend" exists in the first place. For without it, not only would we be out of jobs, but companies would only be as good as what they could produce internally. The fact that organizations can spend and buy externally is fundamental to the rise of trade and capitalism in the first place. It's a basic thing to be thankful for, and certainly something worth considering on this important day. But even more important in this holiday season, I would encourage all Spend Matters readers to get involved and help out those in need in their community. Local food banks, especially, are struggling to meet new levels of demand. Helping families put both regular and holiday meals on the table this season is something we can all do. I just started to ask investors and consultants that I advise on a one-time basis that in lieu of a fee, that they give a donation to a local Chicago organization that distributes food to needy families and individuals in my North-side neighborhood. They get the write off and I get the satisfaction of knowing that just a bit of my time can make a huge difference in people's lives.

- Jason Busch

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