Procurement Tries Social Networking

Even though I suspect that many Spend Matters readers use social networking tools on a regular basis, I highly doubt that the typical procurement professional has integrated them successfully as part of an everyday job tool. I know that personally, I use Facebook and other social networking sites more for fun than for work. But this might be changing according to a recent Purchasing article that suggests that "it makes sense that in the web 2.0 world, purchasing and supply chain executives are making the most of online networking tools such as LinkedIn and Spoke or even Facebook to network and find new employees as well as benchmark organizational best practices." Still, I'd argue, the current available social networking tools leave much to be desired. What are some bright spots? Certainly LinkedIn for basic recruiting and asking targeted questions to your social network. IACCM also has some good community tools for its members. But there has not yet been a killer social networking app in the Spend Management world. But wait until January. Along with a friend who runs a procurement organization by day but is an entrepreneur by night, we might have something brand new up our sleeves, at least from a category sourcing perspective.

- Jason Busch

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