Melamine (in Low Doses) Makes Your Baby's Holiday Bottle

The more I hear about the Chinese melamine story, the more outraged I become. The only good news is that the Chinese people are outraged as well and hopefully this will translate to tighter quality and safety controls so poisons and substitute ingredients do not enter the food supply chain. But the fallout from the orignal story continues. According to a recent wire dispatch from Yahoo, "U.S. health officials have found trace amounts of the chemical melamine in one sample of infant formula sold in the United States." According to those close to the study, the formula "was determined not to be made with any Chinese ingredients" and the melamine entered the food supply via another means. Still, I don't put much stock in the FDA these days and even if you do, we should all use caution -- especially with our baby's health. Among the samples tested, one had melamine in the quantity of 140 parts per billion (ppb), and another 137 ppb. The FDA notes that "a level of 250 ppb or less is considered a trace amount" for adults (not babies). What's the upshot? Eternal vigilence -- at all levels of the food supply chain -- is the price of safety. In China, the US and beyond.

Jason Busch

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