Pinching Pennies at GM — Cost Savings Gone Wild

It appears as if GM is finally realizing that its back is up against the wall. Or so it would appear, according to this Wall Street Journal article that suggests GM is taking drastic steps to pinch pennies. How drastic? Try replacing mechanical pencils with good old fashioned No. 2 wooden ones. Or consider how battery operated clocks now remain frozen in time thanks to a new policy that forbids battery changing. Plant voicemail is a thing of the past as well, as is off-hour escalator power (forcing employees to walk up stairs). In classic Dilbert fashion, it's now difficult to even communicate. One source at a Flint facility notes that, "he has noticed that the copy machines and printers that used to be spread out throughout the massive facility have disappeared." But there is at least one silver lining, perhaps. Union and corporate chotchkie is down: "At GM's metal-fabricating plant in Grand Blanc, Mich., Steve Bean, a union committeeman, said he recently had to tell workers they would have to wait until at least next year to get $270 stipends they were promised in order to buy T-shirts, hats or coats emblazoned with their union local."

- Jason Busch

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