Offshoring is About More Than Just Low-Cost Labor — it's About Expertise as Well

Despite the economy, Indian outsourcing firms are continuing to grow, exporting their process know-how to new regions to capitalize on market demand in new areas and to take advantage of even lower-cost labor. Consider how one Indian research outsourcing provider is entering the Chinese marketplace to serve the regional China market as well as Korea and Japan. The CEO of Annik, the firm involved in this expansion notes that this type of "operational model helps us provide regional services and quicker turnaround … As we grow, we will look at an ideal mix of onshore and offshore talent to optimize our service delivery model". I suspect that if North American and European markets remain in the economic doldrums longer than the Asian markets, we'll see many other outsourcing providers begin to make similar moves. After all, offshore outsourcing should not just be about low-cost labor. It should be about access to a provider's expertise, know-how and process knowledge.

- Jason Busch

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