2009 – The Year of Spend Management

2008 has been a downright awesome year for Spend Matters. We are exiting the year at the highest revenue run-rate we've ever seen. By way of comparison to the market, it appears from my research that we're the highest grossing business blog written by one individual on any subject. But revenue growth is only one gauge of success. What's more important to me is the direction in which I'm taking Spend Matters. And this has crystallized in my mind more than ever in the past few months. Spend Matters will remain, above all else, a blog. But I plan to use the Spend Matters brand to talk in new ways about the role of cost reduction during the recession that we all know we're in.

Some of these messages will be on these pages. Some will be elsewhere, including a media format I've never worked with in the past. But they'll all contribute to getting the message out about Spend Management to both corporate practitioners and even those desperate housewives (and husbands) looking to stretch their pennies further in the home. Why is this important? Because if 2009 is not the year of Spend Management, we'll be waiting an awfully longtime for the same opportunity to draw newfound attention to the critical role that smart spending -- and spend reduction -- should play inside companies and the home alike.

- Jason Busch

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