Welcoming a New Lead Sponsor

I am pleased to announce that we've sold the fourth and final lead sponsorship slot. I hope to post a formal welcome note to our new lead sponsor in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you have some downtime before the holidays, I'd be thankful if you spent a few minutes learning about ways of working with Spend Matters in the New Year. After all, there's far more to this thing than just an RSS feed. Providers can learn about how our sponsorship and demand creation opportunities can help catapult their branding and lead generation efforts better than any other offering out there. And providers, practitioners and investors alike can also learn about how our advisory services can help them make better decisions. For more details on any of the offerings, please contact William Busch, Director of Sales at wbusch@spendmatters.com or phone: (215) 508-7414. I would also encourage practitioners to check out the offerings on Michael’s blog (AKA, the Doctor), Sourcing Innovation. As of 9:25 CST this morning, our two blogs were ranked 569,865 and 988,789 respectively out of all websites on Alexa -- the highest of the blogs in the Spend Management and supply chain sectors. Even though we both think that these rankings are, at best, directionally accurate, they give some sense about how the two best independent blogs in the space continue to gain influence across the web.

- Jason Busch

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