Spend Matters Goes on Holiday — Sort Of

Today, I'm packing up my suitcase with my family, preparing for the extra baggage fees (should have done that total cost calculation and flown Southwest), and heading out on vacation until January 2nd. But don't despair. I've been working at a furious clip these past couple of weeks writing ahead of time. In fact, I think the posts that are coming out when I'll be gone should be some of the more informative ones this year. They include a longer series on SAP SRM 7.0, continued analysis of Oracle (Peoplesoft and JD Edwards included) and my predictions on who to watch in 2009 from a vendor perspective along with the type of gossip that you'll want to hear as you factor in which providers to shortlist in your technology decisions for next year (e.g., which vendors have the most resumes on the street vs. those where employees are sticking around). It should be an action-packed couple of weeks on these virtual pages. Even though I won't be around to respond to comments as frequently as usual, I'm hoping the Spend Matters community will step up to the plate and vigorously debate these topics in my absence.

- Jason Busch

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