Have You Noticed the new Spend Matters Favicon?

Has anyone noticed the new Spend Matters favicon? Come on, you've seen it these past few weeks. It's the new symbol "S" immediately to the left of the URL text box. If you're curious to learn more about favicons, which is short for "favorite icon," check out Wikipedia’s definition and technical explanation here. In the Spend Management world, Ariba, Iasta, BravoSolution and SAP have favicons, among others, but Emptoris has not yet hopped on the subtle branding bandwagon. I'm not surprised. Even though I pride myself on being up on the latest in marketing, I knew nothing about these until my designer and friend Nate Burgos tipped me off to the fact that I should have one. So what do you think? I think it looks rather cool, but then again, I'm a geek at heart.

Jason Busch

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