2008 Best of Spend Matters — Saving & Sourcing in the Downturn

This time last year we were wondering if the economy would get much worse. I trust that the following posts were helpful in 2008 and believe that they're well worth considering for 2009:

China: Think Localization, Not Just Global Sourcing

Do We Really Need Sourcing "Planning" Tools?

Spend Management Software -- Now is the Time to Buy

Don’t Forget About Benchmarking – A Simple Sourcing Strategy

What to Do When Your Volumes Decline

Hackett’s Book of Numbers Shows the Path to Savings

Surviving the Downturn: Steal Best Practices

Global Sourcing -- The Incoterm Basics

Global Sourcing: Map the Future, Don’t Follow the Herd

Spend Challenges -- Today and Tomorrow (Part 1)

How Can CPOs Best Weather the Down Economy?

Managing Change: A Supply Risk Imperative

Rising to the Supplier Information Challenge @ D&B and Beyond

A Supplier Bankruptcy Checklist

Just the Numbers: D&B's Supply Risk Outlook is Not Looking Good (Part 2)

In the Downturn, Are Dual Sourcing Strategies Best?

- Jason Busch

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