CVM Supply World: San Francisco Bound on Monday, March 31st

CVM Supply World swings through San Francisco this coming Monday, March 31st. I'll be kicking off the afternoon event by giving my latest stump speech on Spend Management (which includes a set of new predictions as well as a couple of surprises, including a Seinfeld video clip, provided we can get the A/V working on it). If you're a practitioner, consultant, or vendor in the area, I hope you can join us for the event. Accenture's Kevin Jeras, UC San Fran's Jim Hine, and Kaiser Permanante's Dean Edwards will also be participating in afternoon's festivities. Right around forty folks (not counting CVM employees) showed up to the first event in Chicago. I'm hoping that the San Francisco turn out is even higher. If you're curious about hearing the latest about what's on my mind -- from the impact of the economy on procurement to the changing face of Spend Management technology -- or if you just want to make a connection and put a face (and voice) to this blog, I look forward to seeing you there!

As an aside, the biggest criticism of the Chicago event was that the CVM Solutions marketing spin machine took a backseat -- you might even say the trunk -- to the rest of the content from the afternoon (it was almost the anti-marketing event for CVM). That's because the session was entirely focused on the industry and practitioners (as these things should be). The plan is to keep San Francisco and the remaining Supply Worlds the same way. But if you're curious about what CVM does, I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you.

- Jason Busch

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