Where Are Your Offshore Manufacturers Sourcing Their Workers?

This morning, I'd like to welcome back a regular guest columnist to Spend Matters, who is sharing part two of a two-part piece. Brian Sommer is author of the blog Services Safari.

Newsweek's piece "Bottom of the Barrel" is tough to read and disquieting for sourcing executives. The story begins with a description of how non-native workers are recruited to work in Malaysia at hard-drive enclosure maker Local Technic.

It would appear that traffickers in human labor are still exploiting the world's poor in appalling ways. Different sources for this article place the number of forced laborers between 12-27 million worldwide. The conditions these folks must endure are wretched and those who employ them should be put out of business.

I'm not going to replay the article here. I've added the link above and I encourage you to read it in full. I will ask sourcing professionals to re-double their efforts to verify where its offshore suppliers are getting their workers, the living conditions they endure and the wages paid vs. actually received.

Failure to do so could result in some embarrassing PR for the downstream firms using these offshore made products in their solutions. I'm sure Local Technic isn't happy about their newfound fame.

Read Part 1 of Brian's post here.

- Brian Sommer

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