Just What the Doc Ordered: Pfizer’s Tips for Reverse Auction Success

As I've said before, I think 5 step, 7 step, 10 step, you-name-it-step plans to success are just about the most contrived form of article that anyone can write. That still does not stop me from doing it, though, especially when I get lazy. A decent example of the genre comes from Purchasing Magazine this month in a story that talks about how Pfizer is improving the success and adoption of its e-sourcing program. Perhaps the best piece of advice in the whole article (I was on my second espresso by step number 5) is at the very beginning. And it's a simple one. To wit, "Pfizer considers online auctions to be a tool, rather than a strategy. We don't use them for everything … They are coupled with our sourcing strategy. The auctions are one tool that we use in the strategy to create a competitive market space." Until The Doctor comes out with his cliff notes for the article, save yourself the pain of reading all of it and take this one piece of advice to heart.

- Jason Busch

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