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Spend Matters is on a roll. In recent months, we've not only continued to maintain and build our base traffic -- practitioners, consultants, analysts, media, vendors and outsourcers alike -- but our influence also appears to be increasing at all levels within organizations. For one, I have been very pleased with the rate at which both Fortune 500 companies are coming to the blog. Reverse IP lookup is never perfect, but looking at the trends, it appears we're making steady in-roads, growing the number of visitors who check in multiple times a week versus simply dropping in for a story here and there. We're also growing as a business. Sure, we've had some shifts, but overall, we're entering 2009 on solid footing. Our revenue run rate is significantly higher than the past, the number and quality of organizations reading Spend Matters continues to grow and our sponsors are seeing great returns on their investment -- in more ways than meets the eye.

Moreover, not only are sponsors getting leads, they're also finding that their names are becoming top of mind in discussions with prospects, partners and other influencers, including the media and analysts alike, who see their logo and click through to their thought leadership everyday on Spend Matters. Such is the advantage of being front and center in what has become the central hub of commentary where the entire market -- including other influencers -- turn to get an initial impression of what's happening as they're forming and shaping their opinion.

To further our growth, we've decided to offer a "recession special" to grow our Associate Sponsor base. While we limit the number of lead sponsors to four at any one time, Associate sponsors receive similar benefits, including a logo listing on the main blog page, a listing on the Spend Matters Provider index and many other benefits as well. To entice those who might be sitting on the fence at this point, we will be offering the added benefit of either a short Spend Matters Perspective (2-3 pages in length) for lead generation purposes or our participation in a webinar for those who sign-up prior to January 31st. These added services can be used anytime in the calender year. Please note this is a one-time offer. And it's priced at a point that even smaller solution providers can afford -- just over $2,000 per month with a one-year commitment.

In today's trying economic times, companies are looking to cut costs more than ever. And Spend Matters has become the first destintion many go to in order to gain multiple perspectives on the latest happenings across the industry. It's the nexus point where the market meets to learn, debate and get a leg up on information and market intelligence to help them make better decisions -- from choosing vendors to choosing supply markets. But don't just take my word for it. If you'd like to hear about the types of results our sponsors have achieved or to learn more about this special winter offer, reach out to William Busch, our VP of sales. Having run a marketing budget in the past and knowing the costs of different programs and options in today's dollars -- from sponsoring analyst research to attending events -- I know for a fact that with this added incentive, there's no more effective way to spend your precious dollars this year. And plus, you can be sure that your procurement organization will condone such a purchase, given the fact that they're most certainly reading Spend Matters.

Jason Busch

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