Should Procurement Executives Rotate Into Other Areas?

Procurement Leaders' Blog just ran a brief interview with Quentin Roach who recently landed at Bristol-Myers Squibb as the pharma giant's new CPO. Prior to this role, he came from Bausch & Lomb where he served both as CPO and as head of global sales, marketing and customer service. But why did he make such a rotation? The interview quotes Quentin as noting that, "one of the ideas throughout the profession is how do you take people who are in charge of chief procurement officer roles and expand their responsibilities within the corporation ... It was an opportunity for me to, one, leave procurement and go into sales and marketing, but also to come back to the procurement side and bring back another set of experiences." But is such a rotation a potential distraction for a high-powered procurement executive, especially in today's economic environment where saving money is, perhaps, the number one goal of most corporations? I think so, at least during a recession. Use good times to expand your career experiences but when times are tough, let your core skills shine.

Jason Busch

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