2009 Supply Chain Predictions — Another Perspective

The lists of the top issues to watch out for in 2009 keep coming off the presses. Some are better than others. I think that Bernie Hart of J.P. Morgan Chase's Global Trade Services group has some rather useful predictions to take note of in a recent Industry Week article. These include the ones you hear about all the time on these virtual pages -- supply chain risk, supplier/buyer working capital and trade finance challenges, supply chain complexity, near-shoring, etc. But he also touches on some areas that you probably aren't reading about all the time including the role / prospects for new free trade agreements (and how Obama will react to them now that he's in office) and China's new role as supply chain policeman where he notes that "the regulatory environment is expected to become stricter in China." In fact, we can expect a new "global eye toward consumer product safety" which may include new regulation to address "safety standards and requirements for children's products, such as mandatory testing, the reduction in lead paint usage, and more visible cautionary statements," among other new developments.

- Jason Busch

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