In India — Eye Watering Commodity Price Inflation

You'd think that in today's market, commodity prices only go down. But they can sometimes go up -- especially in cases where commodity shortages, labor strikes or supply disruption play a role. Such is the case in India, where the price of onions has recently gone through the roof. According to the above-linked article, "vegetable prices have been rising, and the maximum increase has been in prices of onions. Those who are being hit the hardest are restaurants, where the menu seems incomplete without a dash of onions by the side." Is there any upside to the situation? Many cultures believe that raw onions contribute to men's virility, so perhaps women will have some more free time on their hands in the coming weeks. And as restaurants alter their dishes to rely less on onions as prices rise, perhaps we'll learn if heavily curried product substitution spend strategies keep bringing customers in the door. Alas, as an onion lover, my eyes tear at the thought …

- Jason Busch

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