Green Thoughts on Obama's Future

Over on 2 Sustain, Tim Albinson recently offered up some detailed thoughts about what he thinks Obama's presidency will bring from a sustainability/CSR perspective. Tim notes that last week, we inaugurated "a President whose proposed American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill include more than $50 billion in green initiatives to ‘create jobs with clean, efficient, American energy.’” Even though Tim's heart bleeds a bit too much into the virtual ink in this post by my standards -- once an activist, always an activist -- I too remain confident and hopeful that Obama's green programs will do right not only by our country, but the world.

What are some of the funding specifics that Tim cites? "Research and development to modernize the electricity grids, loans for renewable energy generation and transmission support U.S. manufacturers in the research and development of advanced vehicle batteries and battery systems...[and] new construction, upgrades, and repair to the public transportation system," are just a few of the programs that Obama is considering. Personally, from a stimulus perspective, I'd much rather see bailout dollars go in this direction than into the further expansion of entitlement programs and failed corporations that consume so much of the current bailout bill as it stands (and which do little to spur economic development that will have the needed transformative impact on both our economy and the way we live).

Jason Busch

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