Supplier Management Tech in 2009 — Bovit's Predictions

Former Aravo executive, Jon Bovit, recently penned a well-researched byline over on Supply and Demand Chain Executive that offers his predictions for the supplier management technology market in 2009. Not surprising, based on his own experience at Aravo, the growing need for better supplier information management rises to the top of his predictions (I agree with him on this one). Jon suggests that companies need better ways to manage a range of supplier information that could include "banking information, diversity data, insurance certificates or factory audit information." For many companies, part and parcel to the need to better manage supplier information is the need to gain better visibility into supply risk and supplier performance management. These two areas also make it onto Jon's list of predictions. I also agree with Jon that companies need to get past the need for just looking at software to manage supplier information, risk and performance. In addition, Jon argues -- and I agree -- that it's essential to consider third-party content from providers like LexisNexis as a critical component in the overall supplier management success equation.

- Jason Busch

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