Ariba and Emptoris — Seeing Through the Numbers

This week has been a busy week on the earnings front. Ariba released its quarterly numbers and the market appears to have reacted favorably judging by where the stock price is as of 3:13 PM EST. Yet if you dig below the surface of last quarter's performance and the guidance, what's the real news? And how will Ariba perform from both customer expectation and shareholder perspectives in 2009 and beyond? Stay tuned for my analysis of Ariba's performance early next week. I'll keep it high level at this point, focusing my analysis primarily around their financial and customer metrics and trends. And I'll save the detailed solution analysis for closer to conference season when the road maps and emerging release enhancements become clearer. Along the same lines, look for a quick discussion on Emptoris' latest 2008 growth press release as well. Clearly, the timing of this announcement was meant to coincide with Ariba's reporting as well. But how should customers, prospects, channels, partners and competitors interpret both this announcement and the Ariba news? Stay tuned.

- Jason Busch

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