Disclosures and Affiliations: CombineNet, CombineMed, UPMC, etc.

Given the severity of the accusations in the comments section of this blog in the past 24 hours as well as the potential legal implications for various parties that may be involved as this news unfolds, I thought that it would be absolutely essential to state for the record in a post -- not just a comment -- my personal and commercial affiliations with CombineNet, Inc., CombineMed and past and current employees of both ventures. My affiliations and relationships follow:

1) Sean Martyn -- I met Sean Martyn for the first time on January 30th, 2009 at a restaurant in Chicago, IL. Sean is a former employee of CombineNet, Inc. and CombineMed. The night of January 30th, 2009, all of the parties involved in the discussion split the bill (if anyone is interested in knowing). Other than this meeting and subsequent discussions pertaining to this case, I have had no commercial, personal or other relationships or affiliations with Sean, other than to recommend him to other providers given what I have heard of his past performance at CombineNet, Inc. and CombineMed.

2) Paul Martyn -- I have known Paul Martyn since 2004. Paul is Sean's brother. Paul was formerly employed as chief marketing officer at CombineNet, Inc. I would describe Paul as both a colleague and friend though we have never had a commercial relationship in any capacity to this date, though we might at some point in the future given our mutual interests and geographies.

3) CombineNet, Inc. -- CombineNet, Inc. and Spend Matters Publishing Inc., a company that I was a majority owner in during 2008, had a commercial relationship together in the form of a Spend Matters Perspective sponsorship / lead generation program whose research phase started in July 2008 (this commercial relationship between both parties began after the departure of Paul Martyn). This program remains ongoing today.

I have no other affiliations -- commercial or otherwise -- with CombineNet, Inc., CombineMed, or anyone else involved in the case. If anyone has any more questions regarding my disclosures and affiliations surrounding this matter, please feel free to contact me directly. Like Spend Matters readers, my objectives are simple regarding this case: to get to the bottom of it and to air as many perspectives as possible so that readers can form their own opinion alongside mine and others.

Jason Busch

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