Continuing Revelations: Americium, CombineMed, CombineNet, UPMC and NHS

New revelations continue to surface in the Americium, CombineMed, CombineNet, UPMC and NHS relationship. Over the weekend, both Scotland's Sunday Herald and the London Times offered in-depth coverage of the story from across the pond, focusing especially on some of the personalities involved on that side of the Atlantic, some of whom face criminal charges. At this point, if you believe all of the sources interviewed for the stories and those that have commented on this blog, it's becoming hard not to look at what transpired without realizing that some things appeared out of the ordinary. I mean how many regular business dealings -- even those with governments -- involve being escorted through the UK Parliament by a peer and flying above Pittsburgh on a helicopter tour? UPMC, CombineNet and CombineMed may disclaim any wrongdoing and they may be right in this assertion if you believe their claims, but from reading these articles it looks like the company they kept in pursuit of NHS were anything but run of the mill advisers and partners lobbying on their behalf. I suspect as this story unravels that we'll learn even more in the coming weeks.

- Jason Busch

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