SAP SRM — Holding, Folding or Raising?

This past year has seen quite a lot of progress within SAP in the Spend Management arena. From unveiling a new spend visibility toolset and acquiring Analytics, Inc. to expanding and encouraging deals with hosting providers like Hubwoo, it's clear that SAP is serious on many levels about competing in the market. But the dialing back of SAP SRM 7.0 in some areas from a capabilities perspective -- I've heard from numerous parties close to SAP as well as customers and channels that the planned release for later this year does not go as far as SAP hinted out in the planning and pre-ramp up phases -- suggests that they may be attempting to go down too many Spend Management paths at once. Still, I reckon that 2009 could be the biggest year yet for SAP in the Spend Management arena given the overall trends in the market and the need for Global 2000 companies to rapidly cut costs and achieve ROI -- something that few other SAP solutions can accomplish in the timeframe that many CFOs are increasingly requiring today. Throughout March and April, I'll be taking a closer look at where SAP is headed in 2009 in the procurement arena -- and what customers, channel partners and competitors can expect along the way. Got a particular SAP product area you'd like me to investigate? Post a comment or drop a line: jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com

- Jason Busch

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