A Bitter Shade of Green Savings

I contend that in most cases, the only way that corporate sustainability initiatives will take hold in the downturn is if they're tied to quantifiable cost reduction or revenue enhancement. Everything else -- LEED, carbon neutral and related feel-good malarkey and rigmarole included -- is just icing on the dry, organic, gluten and sugar free cake. Seriously, no one needs empty calories in this environment even if they are green. But we could all use a good pint of bitter. And all the better if it doesn't give the earth a hangover. 2Sustain has the scoop on just such a brewer. According to the post the Adnams Brewery in the UK is saving from green. Consider how Adnams became "the first brewery in the UK to include a full energy recovery plant. 90% of the steam produced during the brewing process is captured and reused for heat throughout the facility," saving 31% on gas as a result. Adnams has also reduced the weight of its bottles, saving money and saving C02 output -- 415 tons to be exact or "the equivalent of the transport-related emissions of its entire sales force." Now that's a pint without a bitter end.

Jason Busch

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