Friday Afternoon Webinar Pimping

I usually don’t pimp webinars unless I’m participating in them -- and only then if I really like the subject matter -- but if you have sometime next week and want to learn recession-driven eProcurement savings approaches from an old industry hand, then this Coupa / webinar might be worth checking out. Greg Tennyson, Oracle’s former CPO (who is now doing the same gig for, is co-presenting with Coupa’s Dave Stephens. While I do not personally know Greg, I know a number of folks who speak very highly of his work at Oracle over the years. Small and middle market organizations -- the target that Coupa is going after -- could certainly use some free advice targeted at their level from someone of Greg’s standing and reputation. Enough from me. I need to get my spend *%^$@s onto a different street corner. This one’s not working out.

Jason Busch

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