When Suppliers Just "Disappear"

Last week, I shared some of Panjiva's latest global supply risk metrics as well as some thoughts and analysis by Josh Green, Panjiva's CEO. The numbers paint a scary story, perhaps best captured by one of Josh's former business school colleagues, whom he quotes on his blog. According to Josh's source, a supply chain manager at a major retailer, Panjiva's watch-list numbers seem "reasonable given the number of suppliers I've seen go bankrupt recently." But the worst part about bankruptcies is that "they never even tell you they are in trouble or gone ...they just disappear". What can you do about supplier disappearing acts? I'd recommend a heathy dose of supply risk preventative medicine to start, using both internal performance and quality related information as well as proactive third-party content from providers like Panjiva and D&B.

Jason Busch

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