What is it with Twitter These Past Few Weeks?

I've gotten what feels like a dozen or more new followers on Twitter in the past few weeks (up from only a trickle of new followers for the previous months). Seems like people are finding both my completely abandoned personal feed (jbusch) and the Spend Matters (spendmatters) one. But what's funny is that I've nearly abandoned even the Spend Matters Twitter updates, in favor of more humorous and non-Spend related ones on Facebook (e.g., "Jason switched hotel rooms last night because he saw evidence of bed bugs (a Sheraton)". Perhaps given this upsurge in Twitter followers, I should get back in the swing of Spend Matters updates. But personally, I find the SMS style format and length too compressed to say much unless I'm at a conference and don't have the time to file more formal dispatches or thoughts in a blog post. Perhaps I'm wrong, though. There's got to be a reason behind this newfound interest in Twitter. Should I bring it back to the blog (I used to have a column on the right with my updates) or let it rest? You decide...

Jason Busch

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