Reading the Globalization Tea Leaves — Green vs. Black

My wife's business partner, who is English, was in the office last week and in honor of his presence, I changed my daily 6-7 cup a day green tea habit to black (I actually prefer black tea). But I changed to green years ago both because I discovered one that I liked (Costco's Ito-En) and because of the efficiency gain vs. black tea. In making this switch, I figure that I saved at least a few minutes per cup. Sounds crazy, but it's not. Why? Black tea requires milk. This bovine component requires two additional process steps. To wit, you must put the tea bag in and wait for it to steep, then add the milk after removing it (which requires two trips to the office cafeteria or kitchen). In contrast, with green tea, you stick the bag in the water and you're good to go (and can dispose of the bag at your desk). Perhaps this explains why the Japanese and Chinese are doing so well on the world stage relative to the Brits (that is, if you toss out the past 12 months and look at the past few decades, historically speaking). Who knows? But as much as I like a good black tea, I don't have the time to make it properly in the office. On second thought, perhaps I should cash out on my new found Mac efficiency and spring for an office mini-fridge. While doing my small part to stimulate the white goods sector, I might even have enough cash left to have the milk delivered.

Jason Busch

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