Catch Me During Conference Season — Starting Today at ONCE

Later today, I’ll be speaking at the ONCE Global Summit down in Dallas, Texas. This marks the first presentation I'll be giving this spring, but it will quickly be followed by a regional ISM event next week in New Haven, CT (CAPM) and other events to follow throughout April and May. My topic today is an updated version of my core stump speech titled: The State of the Spend Management Market Presented Live (Without a Teleprompter). Next week, I'll be talking about creating leverage in the downturn through Spend Management. But since I'm presenting that talk in a Blue state with roving bands of nut-cases who have nothing better to do than hop on a tour bus that will take them around to the houses of AIG employees, I'll need to watch the teleprompter quip lest I get stalked as well.

I'll also be stopping by the SIG Summit next week (it's in Baltimore this time around -- about as close to DC as I can get in the current climate without feeling a sense of Spend Management nausea at the current legislative spending agenda). Also, look for a number of upcoming podcasts and webinars that I'll be participating in as well, including a live ISM event on Tuesday, April 7th. If you'd like to connect at these events and discuss any of the issues I've been writing about or just put a name to a face, please don't be a stranger. I love conference season because it's a great time to catch up with old friends and colleagues, not to mention expanding the network.

While I'm sure that there will be fewer people at conferences this year that require travel, I certainly plan to make the rounds to hear the latest about what companies are doing and what executives are thinking about and planning. Ironically, even though many of us don't have the budget to travel, now is actually the most important time to get out of the office and hear what others are thinking -- not to mention trading thoughts with peers and colleagues. It is precisely during periods like now where introducing fresh thinking into our companies is essential. In addition, the current environment is a perfect excuse to upgrade the talent pool inside your own team. And as we all know, many of the best hires come from recruiting people we know in our network -- not HR or recruiters. Where better than at events to find the best talent even if they're not technically available (but would entertain the right opportunity)?

Jason Busch

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