T&E Watch: Do You Concur? At Least Not Behind the Firewall Anymore …

Here's a little tidbit that provides further evidence that software as a services (SaaS) is taking over many subsets of the applications market. Concur, one of the leaders in the T&E space, is rumored to be dropping support for its behind the firewall applications as of December 31st, 2010. My sources tell me that there will be no customer support after this date for installed customers. Moreover, Concur has stopped selling new installed seats already, even to current customers. There's also discussion circulating -- though I do not have it confirmed -- that Concur will stop supporting Gelco users at some point in the future, pushing them entirely to Concur's SaaS-based T&E solutions. What do you think? Is T&E an area where installed makes any sense going forward? Even if it does not, I still think that software providers have a commercial and moral obligation to support products they've sold in the past.

Jason Busch

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