Greg Mark Takes Over as CEO of Hubwoo

Earlier this week, Hubwoo announced that Greg Mark would be taking over the reins. I believe this to be an important move for a number of reasons. First, it signals to me that the customer and growth base of Hubwoo might be shifting from the Continent to the US, not to mention the future of the organization as well. Hubwoo is headquartered in Europe at the moment, but given the fact Greg is based in the States, I would not be overly surprised to see the base of operations shift across the Atlantic. Second, Greg is a sales guy -- a good one at that. Hubwoo's last CEO was successful in stabilizing and growing the organization, but was very much of a finance and operational mindset. A CFO turned CEO. In this environment, growth means everything, and Greg will most likely take a more sales-driven -- versus an operational -- approach to running the show. Third and perhaps most important, I believe that Greg has a good sense of what Hubwoo must do to grow its global distribution and franchise (e.g., working the IBM relationship not to mention potentially getting closer to other providers besides SAP). I'm hoping to interview Greg in the next couple of days to learn more. Stay tuned.

Jason Busch

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