Spend Matters Takes on a Slightly New Feel

It's been a while since we tweaked our site design here at Spend Matters. But a few weeks back, the idea dawned on me that it would be worth enhancing our sponsors' real estate to more effectively promote specific campaigns aimed at educating the Spend Matters community, not to mention giving the site a general refresh. For the first few years of the blog, we only allowed sponsors to post a logo. More recently, we've enabled sponsors to promote their own thought leadership, something I believe that practitioners need to make the best possible decisions when it comes to understanding a particular area or need. In the old design, sponsors barely had enough real estate to leverage Spend Matters for this effort. But now they do.

We're going to keep with the two-tiered sponsor system (Lead Sponsor / Associate Sponsor) as well as similar value propositions and logo/campaign promotion size ratios for each offering. Lead sponsors will continue to get premium placement with more real estate on the upper right of the blog on the first page (including an area for both a logo and to promote a specific thought leadership campaign). Associate sponsors will be on the second page, getting a slightly smaller format (albeit significantly larger than before). For those interested in either option, it looks like we will have a Lead Sponsorship becoming available shortly. I have offered it up to a provider who has expressed interest, though they have not confirmed at this time. Lead Sponsorships tend to go quickly when they become available (we limit them to four at a time) and I suspect this situation will not be an exception.

Associate Sponsorship continues to gain traction. One of our current Lead Sponsors is becoming an Associate Sponsor in the next couple of weeks, which will bring the current total number of Associate Sponsors to four by mid April (today we have also welcomed Zycus as our third Associate Sponsor). If you're interested in discovering more about the benefits of Sponsorship, I would encourage you to learn more about the current opportunities and associated benefits. Or check out the relatively current (8 week old) PDF backgrounder that includes additional information on readers and statistics.

Even though I'm biased, I continue to believe that Spend Matters sponsorship represents the best bang for the buck from a branding, demand creation and overall marketing budget standpoint in the market. Our sponsors are loyal based on the results they've gotten and a number who have left us for a period of time have ultimately ended up coming back after missing the value Spend Matters delivers. Curiously, some sponsors realize that the biggest value they gain from Spend Matters is not always what they first signed on for (or even considered initially) and they end up staying for broader initiatives not contained in their opening launch. Every situation is unique. What might yours be? If you'd like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities after checking out our offerings and detail, please reach out to William Busch: wbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com. We're particularly interested in your upcoming objectives, where you envision new growth in these times and discussing how SpendMatters can advance your programs and goals.

Jason Busch

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