When Spend Does Not Matter: A Few Days of R&R With the Family

I'm packing up my bags and taking off for a few days of R&R through the weekend. We're doing the urban equivalent of camping -- heading 100 miles outside of the city and renting a climate-controlled cabin. From what I've been told, there's no WIFI connection. Of course I will probably suffer withdrawal symptoms, but I have no doubt that I'll get enough of a fix when I catch up from all the email, voicemail, etc. after the trip. In the meantime, I've queued up a number of new posts for the rest of the week already. Hope everyone enjoys. Next week, look for a number of company, product and technology reviews, including an update on Perfect Commerce (based on a number of reference discussions I've had) and the start of a mini-series introducing ProcureStaff (and some commentary on the overall MSP and technology landscape for services procurement as well). And there will also be a few other little goodies that I'll share which I'm sure you'll be interested in hearing. Stay tuned and enjoy the rest of the posts this week as well. I hope that everyone has a peaceful Easter, Passover, etc.

Jason Busch

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