Making the Most of Online Learning and Social Networking

CPO Agenda asked a month back if I could contribute a short-column focused on helping executives get the most from online learning and social networking during the downturn. While most of my suggestions were somewhat standard (e.g., Linked-in, other social networking sites, webinars, etc.) one will probably be new to most Spend Matters readers. And that's the power of a new class of virtual online meetings. New technology (think faster, cheaper and more networked than Cisco's Telepresence) is changing the ability to hold small, intimate online meetings with like-minded individuals -- whether they're in the same city or halfway around the world.

In this regard, I wrote, "When it comes to online meetings, technology such as Adobe Connect is transforming interaction for small or medium-sized groups. If you have a license to use it, why not arrange periodic meetings with like minded colleagues in different regions?" Even vendors or consultants could get in on the act, holding virtual round tables with like minded customers and prospects. Granted, it's not a replacement for actually getting a small group of executives together to trade thoughts, but in today's market, it's a great way to encourage dialogue and information exchange. Try it. You'll be surprised.

Jason Busch

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