Breaking the Bristlecone SAP Spend Analysis Monopoly

I've gotten a kick out of reading the comments on Spend Matters recently from a recent post where Bristlecone has attempted to defend its claimed monopoly on SAP spend analysis implementations. Truth be told, I've done quite a bit of independent research following my initial post on the subject and it does turn out Bristlecone is a go-to-partner for SAP to get things done around spend visibility. In some initiatives that I've been aware of in the past few weeks, Bristlecone essentially serves the role of fast and cheap prototyper/co-developer for new implementations and program concepts. They don't come up with the ideas -- they simply execute in a low cost manner. When SAP speaks, they jump (perhaps because to jump internally at SAP for SRM-related development, it takes an act of the Bundestag to get anything done in a rapid manner). But this is not to say that Bristlecone will have a monopoly on SAP spend analysis development and implementations for long. I know of at least one SAP partner who will be moving into this market in the coming months, a partner who knows the inner-workings of SAP better than most. And many more are sure to follow.

Jason Busch

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