Spend Visibility and Spring Maintenance at Home

The weather this past weekend in the North Eastern US was sunny, hot and a welcome reprieve from what always seems like an interminable winter. Less welcome was the honey (please) do list that increased in parity with the outside temperature.

My introduction to home maintenance and repair began as the child of a diehard do-it-yourselfer, my Dad. This lifelong second (third and fourth) career continually evolved, buying two consecutive dilapidated homes during the real estate boom of the 70s and 80s. I couldn't resist buying a house at half of its market value -- once restored. I became expert at carpentry, plumbing, electrical and structural rehabilitation long before This Old House was even thought of and eventually started my own commercial and residential general contracting business.

This week on Spend Matters, I will go well beyond the traditional 3-bid advisory platform and delve into cost saving strategies for negotiating with trades and contractors as well as those projects you might consider doing yourself and those you should not. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest specific topics under comments below.

- William Busch, Spend Matters Columnist)

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