Spend Matters Welcomes Upside Software as an Associate Sponsor

I'm very excited this morning to announce that Upside Software has become an Associate Sponsor of Spend Matters. Upside is an example of a company that has quietly developed its reputation based on the quality and depth of its product versus making a lot of marketing noise. In the past five years, they've built themselves into a powerhouse in the contract management marketplace, capturing a significant number of the larger deals in the sector from companies that have decided to place particular emphasis on how they manage their contracting lifecycle. When I talk to practitioners about contract management, I always recommend Upside as a short-listed provider to consider, provided there is a dedicated budget for the initiative and a true understanding of what contract management can do (versus those companies who see a basic contract repository as something that should be a free extension of a sourcing product).

For those who are not familiar with Upside, it's worth noting that they're not just focused on contract management exclusively. In recent years, they have branched out into logical extensions of contract management, such as billing/payment driven compliance and even sourcing and RFX creation -- both of which leverage their rich set of underlying contract management capabilities. All in all, Upside presents a very impressive offering that has quietly built a significant following among some of the most advanced legal, procurement and sales organizations worldwide. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Upside from the Spend Matters community.

Jason Busch

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