ISM Dispatch 3: ISM's and ADR's New Training Venture

I had the chance to sit in on a breakfast briefing session yesterday with members of the respected media -- and token bloggers -- which was hosted by executives and marketing types from ISM and ADR International, a consultancy. ISM and ADR are partnering to create a new type of procurement training and learning program that is customized to each individual organization. There's lots of training resources in the market today -- including those from certifying authorities such as ISM, APS, Next Level Purchasing, IACCM -- but what they claim is unique about this program is that it is customized and combines training elements that are highly relevant across different levels and geographies while also combining a "blended" learning model including on-site, classroom, e-learning and distance learning.

Bill Michels, who runs ADR in North America, suggested to me that procurement and supply chain training is becoming more important than ever, despite falling training budgets in many organizations. But what's happening is not all bad. In fact, as organizations layoff employees, they're finding that they have fewer resources to fill the same number of roles, and they're often engaging in training programs to bring these staffers up to speed. Hence, small group training (and individual training) is rising in stature and popularity relative to training larger groups as a result of the economic decline.

I asked Bill if he thought training was also becoming more global as companies move to offshore shared services environments (and offshore outsourcing environments) for transactional buying, procurement technology administration, etc. and he suggested this was absolutely the case -- and that training solutions of the future must address these types of scenarios. All in all, I liked the vibe I got from Bill and his colleague. If you're checking into training programs, I'd put these guys on your list (and not just because they're partnered with ISM to serve the market).

Jason Busch

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