Aravo and CVM Solutions Bring Supply Risk Solutions to Market

It's been a busy week on the supply risk management solution front. Both CVM Solutions (ignore their research numbers in the linked press release -- for reasons I'll talk about tomorrow -- but do look at the solution details at the end) and Aravo introduced new solutions to the market. Along with a new Spend Matters voice who is expert on the subject, I intend to do a deep dive on both solutions in the coming months at Spend Matters, going into greater depth than before on how the individual solutions work and what types of organizations can get the most value from them. But for today, I'll provide some quick commentary on how both are approaching the market. Next week, in a longer post on each, I'll fill in some additional blanks before our deep dive reports this summer.

At this point, neither solution provides a complete approach to monitoring and forecasting supply risk (but neither do their competitors). Aravo provides what I'd describe as battle-hardened overall capabilities with proven scale (that now incorporates a handful of aspects of risk management) compared with CVM, while CVM is further down the path of incorporating and leveraging proprietary and third-party content for risk monitoring and forecasting -- versus supply compliance monitoring and surveying -- compared with Aravo. In both cases, Aravo and CVM provide something we all desperately need in the supply risk management market -- choice! I'm excited for both organizations and their ultimate customers. It's about time two new providers stepped up to the supply risk table. And it's even more interesting that they're doing so in their own unique ways, leveraging the strengths that got them to where they are today.

Check back this afternoon for a follow-up post with quick analysis on both solutions. In particular, the CVM announcement is quite interesting because the news represents an entirely new set of offerings -- and a new technology platform -- from a provider that is often unfairly labeled as supplier diversity-only.

Jason Busch

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