Sapphire Dispatch 1: It's (A)Live — SRM 7.0!

I often get my best market intelligence over the pint glass. Two weeks ago, I was out at a pub, and a fellow imbiber got an email on his Blackberry telling him that SRM was going G/A the following week -- or so my source claimed. But I dismissed the rumor -- one source is never enough for these things, especially when larger providers are involved. Unfortunately, this was a source I should have taken on face value without further confirmation. Despite his ERP beer goggles, he was actually accurate on the SRM 7.0 release. Business Suite 7, SRM 7.0 included, went live last week. Last Tuesday to be exact.

The SRM 7.0 release -- along with the rest of the SAP 7.0 business apps release including CRM, PLM, SCM, core ERP -- is now available. On the main stage at Sapphire this morning, Leo Apotheker formally made the announcement. While I'll devote a number of posts this week and next to what made it into the release and out of ramp-up, the announcement is a very important deal for SAP and the overall market. In fact, it represents the first new release for SRM since 2005 (when 5.0 was rolled out). Stay tuned for further details and analysis. This has been a long time in the making.

Jason Busch

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